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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5lt



Our Azienda Agricola Pugliese boasts an expanse of centuries-old olive trees of ancient origin, which intersect with the scents of the Mediterranean and the Torre Guaceto nature reserve, handed down by our grandparents, which integrated with our passion and innovation, leads us to produce a high quality oil with a light taste, with a moderate bitter and spicy charge, with a flavor of fresh almond and freshly cut grass; rich in polyphenols and vitamin E with antioxidant effects, generating daily benefits for our body.

The harvest begins when the olives reach the right ripeness which, with the help of vibrating mechanical equipment, causes them to fall on the nets, and then collect the olives  manually, placed in the appropriate containers to be transferred and milled to the mill we trust in the shortest possible time  (MAX 12 HOURS).

An extraction method is used with a continuous two-phase centrifugal extraction system, with a temperature of the entire processing process that is around 23 ° C (COLD EXTRACTED).

After that, the extra virgin olive oil will have to pass the traceability checks, the chemical / organoleptic controls, as established by the regulations, packaging and then arrive on your tables.

We recommend using it for grilled meats, soups, salads, bruschetta, pasta, or for the preparation of desserts.

For proper storage we recommend keeping the product away from heat sources, at a temperature between 12 and 18 ° C, in a cool and dry place.

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