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Piccantina Giardiniera in extra virgin olive oil

Piccantina Giardiniera in extra virgin olive oil

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In Puglia it is commonly called "La Giardiniera"  but actually each with a different story. We certainly respect that of ours  Saponaro family , because we believe it is among the best Apulian gardener. The vegetables are grown in the  our rich and uncontaminated lands , with  fertilizers  purely  organic , followed by harvesting and processing that takes place manually to ensure the  genuineness  of the product. Once the mixed peppers, celery, carrots, chilli peppers have been selected, they are chopped and seasoned with ours  Extra Virgin Olive Oil , vinegar, sea salt, and finally pasteurized, to make this delicacy, together with all the flavors of the various  fresh vegetables  as soon as they are harvested, remain in your pantry for the whole year, so you can enjoy this energetic charge in a few minutes and at any time. Our '' piccantina giardiniera '' presents itself with a taste  slightly spicy , a delicately pleasant flavor of chilli, unlike the other recipe without the latter. This exceptional preserve can be used on bruschetta, croutons, friselline, to enrich sandwiches, appetizers and aperitifs.

Store in a cool and dry place away from heat sources, after opening the jar keep in the fridge making sure that the product is always covered by our extra virgin olive oil and consume in a short time because it is free of preservatives.

Contains allergens: celery and derivatives.

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